Magma Fincorp

Magma Fincorp’s stock saw an upper circuit for the third consecutive day today. Today Magma Fincorp stock has stopped trading at Rs 150.05 level. The main reason for the rally of the last three days is that there has been a big change in the management of the company. VaccineContinue Reading

Coronavirus Impact on Indian Economy

Coronavirus Impact on Indian Economy: Along with the major economies of the world, the Indian economy has also been severely affected. The Pandemic effect has had a profound impact on people and businesses. Some businesses have had disastrous results. Hopefully everything will be completely cured in the coming months inContinue Reading

Invest in Your Girlfriend

Invest in Your Girlfriend Millennials spent $200 Million in 2020. Female millennials accounted for $170 Million of that OR 85%. Start taking note of everything your girlfriend spends money on and consider it as an investment upon research. EXPERIENCE Wedding, Vacations, Concerts, Dinning, Movies, Coffee COMPANIES Jubilant Food PVR CinemasContinue Reading

The airline said that continuous efforts are being made to make air travel safe and convenient. For this, check-in and boarding have been made touchless and contactless. Now with flyporter service you will be able to move your luggage from one place to another without any hassle. Aviation company AirContinue Reading