Airtel buys 10% stake in "Lattu Media"

Airtel buys 10% stake in ‘Lattu Media’ education startup company

New Delhi: Airtel buys 10% stake in ‘Lattu Media’, Telecom company Bharti Airtel on Wednesday said it has bought a 10 percent stake in education sector startup company Lattu Media (Lattu Kids). The company has made this investment under its ‘Airtel Startup Accelerator’ program. According to the company, Lattoo Kids works on digital education for children.

Up to 10th children will study at home

The company’s Lattoo Kids app focuses on teaching English reading and mathematics to children under 10 years of age. In this app, children are taught through cartoons and games. This deal has come at a time when schools are closed due to corona in the country and children are not getting coaching as well.

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This program was started last year only

Under the ‘Airtel Startup Accelerator’ program, three more companies have joined VoiceGen, Spectacom Global and Vehicles prior to Lattu. The company is investing in startups through this program.

Bharti Airtel shares surge

Airtel buys 10% stake in ‘Lattu Media’, Airtel shares have sprung up after the telecom company Bharti Airtel bought a 10 per cent stake in Lattu Media Pvt Ltd (Lattu Kids). After the deal, the company’s stock rose 3.41% on Wednesday and the company’s share price had reached 563.50.

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