CapitalBoat is a digital platform focused on making you faster and smarter about how you earn, save and spend your money. Our mission is to provides real-time financial market coverage and business content using the power of technology. We want to help investors & business people take control of their money by providing real-time financial market news and information.

We at CapitalBoat offers online courses related to Business management, Financial markets, Economy and Politics. Because we believe that in this heavily competitive and equally uncertain business environment financial leaders and managers should have proper relevant skills and mindset to balance everyday demands and internal as well as external challenges.

We born with purpose to change the world for the better. It’s there in our products and Services, which started a revolution in Indian financial markets.

I personally believe that by 2025 India could be among the top two capital markets in the world, with the best practices and adoption of cutting edge technologies. We at CapitalBoat will connect the world’s decision makers to accurate information on business and financial markets.

– Saurabh Bajpeyee, Founder & CEO CapitalBoat.