Swiggy's success story

Swiggy’s Success Story – The Making Of Swiggy

Swiggy’s Success Story: Today when many people want to get a government job. By which people want to secure their future or to do a private job. Which has a lot of money and wants to live life well.

But even today there are many youths who understand the smallest problems of people and are engaged in solving them.

In view of the problem of food for working people, three youths, Rahul Jaimini, Shriharsh Majetti and Nandan Reddy started one such company. By which people can order food of their choice at any time while sitting at home or office.

Let’s know How these young people started a successful business with their talent and took it to the top, Swiggy’s Success Story started.

After failing in the Logistic Field (the job of moving goods from shopkeeper to customer), the three friends did not give up and planned to start a new company.

Learning from this failure, this time he investigated the market’s problems and took a Technology Expert along with him for better use of technology in the company.

After this, he stepped into the field of food delivery and today raised a company worth crores of rupees. The company that changed the food experience and food delivery in India is named “SWIGGY” and its founding members are Rahul Gemini, Sriharsha Mazetti and Nandan Reddy.

Swiggy is today India’s No.1 Food Delivery Platform through which people can sit and order hot food from home. Started from Bangalore, the company has started expanding to other cities. Swiggy in 11 cities abroad They have their own facilities. They have more than 1000 people to deliver and have connections with all the main restaurants in the cities.

Both Majeti and Nandan are graduates from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani. He closed his Logistic company in 2014, due to the uncertainty created in the market at that time, he had to close his company. After this company was closed, he started working on opening a company for food delivery. Meanwhile Rahul Jaimini, who was working as a Software Engineer in the online fashion brand “MYNTRA”. The three met Mazetti and Nandan together after preparing Market Research in 2014 to prepare Swiggy from Bangalore (Bangalore).

In the beginning of Swiggy, he met the market’s restaurants and asked them to use the application and platform. After the first few days of testing, he took the experience of logistic company with him and made a plan to build a great delivery network.

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Owners of Restaurants

Swiggy took all the work from Order to Delivery, due to which the customers and owners of the restaurants started benefiting a lot.

Where the owner of the restaurant was getting new customers as well as there was no problem of food and delivery. The restaurant started getting recognition in other areas as well as the surrounding areas. The customers also got hot from their favorite restaurant- Hot food was available at the door of his house, due to which he got two benefits – one saves his time and the other was very tasty.

Swiggy and his team took advantage of this and created a tremendous delivery and restaurant network. Swiggy has kept its commision from both the sides so that the lead generation of the restaurant is then charged to the customers for home delivery.

Similarly, the idea of ​​food delivery of Majetti and Nandan came out and initially there was not much food home delivery in this area, which benefited them. Until now it was only in Bangalore but now they started spreading in other cities. So far, he has connected all the major countries of the country with Swiggy and is working to send superb food to his home.

Swiggy’s success story started to stir in the market as well and many big online marketing players also ventured into this field, among which Ubbereats, Food panda, Zomato etc. are the major companies. But despite all this, Swiggy is ahead of its good delivery and qualities Are

Swiggy has kept a good hold on its customers due to delivery on time. In view of the success of Swiggy, many domestic and foreign investors have invested in this company. Swiggy has received funds of about $ 75.5million so far. Famous foreign investors are involved in the country. All these funds have been invested by Swiggy in the new technology. Swiggy started in 2014 has become a part of daily routine in the metros of the country.

Food delivery company Swiggy achieved avalanche status at the Economics Times Startup Awards 2017, the biggest and best awards for startup in this country, it was placed in the line of companies that are known for their ability in terms of technology and entrepreneurship. Along with this, he was also included in the India Forbes under 30 magazine.

These are just the beginning. In today’s time, the youth of our country are engaged in solving problems of the people, not only in the interest of money and are succeeding themselves and giving employment to other people as well. Similarly, if you have a good idea based on such a problem and solution in your mind that you can solve a problem in someone’s field, then don’t delay.

Visit Swiggy Website: https://www.swiggy.com/

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