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Washington: US newly elected President Joe Biden’s administration will give high priority to strengthening Indo-US relations with steps such as helping India become a permanent member of the UN Security Council, continuing cooperation in the fight against terrorism. . This information has been given in a policy paper issued by Joe Biden during the presidential election campaign.

In the US presidential election, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden defeated his Republican rival Donald Trump on Saturday. After becoming US President, Biden has a chance to fulfill his 14-year-old dream of strengthening relations between the US and India. This is being called an old dream because Biden said in a conversation with a newspaper in December 2006, “My dream is that India and the United States are the two closest countries in the world in 2020. If this happens, the world will be safer than before.

The same thing has been repeated in a policy paper issued by Biden Campaign. It has been told how he will implement it. Topping this list is India striving to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council, continuing cooperation on terrorism, strengthening relations by working towards manifold growth in climate change and bilateral trade.

The policy paper states that Biden has strengthened global cooperation as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and as vice-president in the Barack Obama administration, deepening relations between people and collaborating with India on global challenges Has played an important role in increasing

The policy paper said, “No common global challenge can be overcome without acting like responsible allies of India and America. Together, we will continue to strengthen India’s defense capabilities as an anti-terrorism partner, improve health infrastructure and preparedness for pandemics and strengthen cooperation in areas such as higher education, space exploration and humanitarian relief. ”

According to the policy paper, the Obama-Biden administration continued to deepen cooperation between India and the US on strategic, defense, economic, regional and global challenges, and Biden’s role was instrumental in expanding the US-India partnership.

Trump had criticized India during the official presidential debate on climate change on the issue of climate change, after which Biden criticized him. Biden tweeted, “President Trump is calling India dirty.” We do not speak about friends like this and you cannot deal with global challenges like climate change in this way. ”

Two days ago, Biden tweeted, “We will continue to value the relationship between India and America.” There is an opportunity to be photographed for the trump, but for me it is to complete the work.

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