Is corona virus spreading from air?

Is corona virus spreading from air? The World Health Organization (WHO) has once again come under the scanner. In fact, 239 scientists from 32 countries claim that coronavirus is also spread through air, but WHO is not serious about it and the organization has kept silence on this in its guidelines as well. Scientists say that there is evidence that coronavirus can infect people by sticking it with air into small particles. These scientists are also demanding changes in their recommendations from the WHO on this issue.

Also claim to be proof

According to a New York Times report, hundreds of scientists say that there is evidence that coronavirus can infect people by sticking small particles with air. Scientists said that they have found evidence of this and they have demanded the World Health Organization to modify the guidelines related to this disease. Scientists have asked the WHO to show seriousness on the issue.


According to the World Health Organization, the corona virus is mainly spread from person to person by small droplets, which come out of the mouth while sneezing or speaking. Spit particles are not so light that can fly from here to there with the wind. They fall to the ground very soon. According to the report, the WHO said that the evidence given that this virus is present in the air cannot be reached at any time from any such result that it is an airborne virus.

Scientific Journal will also be published

Scientists have sent an open letter to WHO. All these scientists claimed that there is enough evidence to believe that small particles of this virus float in the air, which can infect people. This letter will be published in the Scientific Journal next week. According to the report, whether there are large particles of sputum coming out of the mouth after sneezing or many small particles, which can spread throughout the room. When other people breathe, the virus in the air enters the body and infects it.

Is corona virus spreading from air?

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