COVID-19 vaccination

COVID-19 vaccination in India update: Preparations for Covid-19 vaccination in India are on a war footing. Like elections in the country, preparations are being made for vaccination of health workers, essential employees and identified population. Giving information about the preparations in this regard, the Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that after the training of more than 2000 master trainers at the national level, a similar process is going on at the state and district level in about 700 districts of the country. Dr. Harsh Vardhan informed on the first day of 2021 that the list of health workers has been prepared and the documents will be uploaded on the Covid platform.

The Union Health Minister said, “Preparations are going on like elections. We need to train every member of all medical teams in the same way. This process is like conducting elections, in which the team is trained at the booth level as well. ”

A dry run will be run by all states and union territories on January 2 to start Covid 19 vaccination across the country. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has already held a high-level meeting with officials of the Ministry of Health, mission directors of the National Health Mission and health administrators of all states to review preparations for the Covid 19 vaccination through video conferencing.

According to the statement issued by the Union Health Ministry, the process of dry run at least 3 session sites in all the state capitals is to be known. Some states will also include their districts which are in areas like inaccessible places or weak logistic support. Maharashtra and Kerala apart from their capitals, can also be run dry in major cities.

Why is the dry run process important?
Dry run procedures of Covid vaccination are like rehearsal in a way. After the introduction of Kovid-19 vaccine in this, how to apply it, how are its preparations, all these things have to be tested. According to the Union Health Ministry, the purpose of this process is to see the practicality of using the Co-Win app in the actual conditions for Covid Vaccine. This will also boost the confidence of program managers at various levels.

The plan to start vaccination will be in accordance with the operational guidelines issued by the ministry on 20 December 2020. At each three session site, the concerned medical officer in-charge will definitely test 25 beneficiaries, who will be health workers. States and Union Territories have been directed to upload beneficiaries data on the Covin platform. Vaccine administrators will have an important role in the process of vaccination, training of trainees and coordination of the people giving vaccines in different states. Around 96,000 vaccinators have been trained for this.

Vaccination: Problems will also be known
Through the dry run it will also be seen what are the hurdles during the Covid vaccination and how they have been trained in the National Training of Trainers, according to the Ministry of Health, in the National Training of Trainers. While more than 57,000 participants have been trained in district level training in 719 districts. For any information related to vaccine / software, state helpline 104 will be started in the states, which will be in addition to the central helpline number 1075. States and Union Territories have been asked to increase the capacity and efficiency of call center executives.

According to the ministry, the main focus of the dry run will be on the management of any potential adverse effects after vaccination. The mock drill will include intensive monitoring and review of preparedness and feedback at the district level. The State Task Force will share feedback and review with the Union Ministry of Health. Between December 28 and December 29, the first round dry run was conducted in two districts each of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat and Punjab.

COVID-19 vaccination

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