Covid-19: Cipla will launch medicine in August

Covid-19: Cipla will launch medicine in August: India’s pharma company Cipla announced on Friday that it has received permission from the drug regulator to launch Favipiravir in India. In the country, this drug will be available from the Ciplenza brand name. This medicine is used to treat patients with mild symptoms of Covid-19. Cipla has stated that the generic version of Favipiravir will be launched in India in the first week of August under the Ciplenza brand name. The price of this one tablet is 68 rupees.

Symptoms are benefiting from the use of this medicine. Cipla said, “She will try to distribute this medicine better so that everyone can get this medicine.” The company said that it will distribute the medicine through hospitals and open channels.

Cipla also stated that this drug will be used in patients on coronavirus only in emergency. Ciplenza is developed by Cipla and CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT).

Earlier this week, Glenmark Pharma said a generic version of the anti-flu drug favipiravir drug was tested on 150 patients, with good results.

Covid-19: Cipla will launch medicine in August

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